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PETG Raw Materil

  • PETG Granules Resin

    PETG Granules Resin

    Description: In early 2015, Guanghui invested in the firstly fully automatic production line for PETG shrink film. The PETG, as the upgraded, safe and renewable product of the company, also has the features of high shrinkage, high transparency and is environmental friendly.... Contact Now
  • PETG Raw Material Resin

    PETG Raw Material Resin

    1. Pet chips for PET G shrink film producing
    2. Intellectual property right owned by Guanghui
    3. Cooperated with well-known company to produce the chips.
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  • PETG Plastic Raw Material

    PETG Plastic Raw Material

    Intrinsic viscosity: 0.720±0.020dL/g
    Melting point:M1±2℃
    Color CIE: 3.0±2.0
    Diethylene glycol content:≤1.4%
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  • PET Chips Raw Material

    PET Chips Raw Material

    Description: PETG is a kind of transparent plastic, is a kind of an amorphous type co polyester, PETG co monomer in common use for 1, 4 - cyclohexane two methanol (CHDM), called the polyethylene terephthalate - 1, 4 - cyclohexane 2 methyl ester.It is made of terephthalic acid... Contact Now
  • High Transparent PETG Resin Granules

    High Transparent PETG Resin Granules

    Description: keeping up with the industry developing trends, Guanghui depended on more than 10 years of shrink film producing experience and cooperated with the domestic scientific research institutions. Finally, Guanghui have successfully launched the modified polyester... Contact Now
  • Industrial PETG Resin Granule

    Industrial PETG Resin Granule

    Description: Our company is specified in producing film grade resin .Our resin are added with imported additives and special dispersion technology. The resins have great optical property and film forming ability.DSC system is used in production process. Product quality... Contact Now
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