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PETG High Shrinkage Shrink Film

PETG Heat Shrinking Film

PETG Heat Shrinking Film

Product: PETG Heat Shrinking film
Thickness: customized
Width: based on order


Product: PETG Heat Shrinking film

Thickness: customized

Width: based on order

Shrinkage rate:

1. TD: ≤60%, MD:0-7%

2. TD: 60-75%, MD:0-5%

3. TD: ≥75%,  MD:0-3%


MOQ: 1 tons

Delivery :in 3 weeks after advance payment or LC arranged.

Payment terms: TT, L/C


Characteristics & Applications:

1. Products comply with the related environmental requirements of EUROHS, FDA; No plasticizer, No halogen. Renewable utilization, and reduce the white pollution,

2. High transparency, high gloss, low haze, excellent printing performance, high tensile strength, high shrinkage rate and low natural shrinkage of storage.

3.  Products are widely used in packing bottles, such as beverage, cosmetic, medical, electronic, and other shrink labels of containers.

4. Our company can be customized any size of the polyester heat shrink film which TD shrinkage rate ranging from 45% to 75% and other special requirements of the polyester heat shrink film, Expiration date: 6 months.


Our advantage

1) Excellent printability

A) Reverse prints with stunning clarity, gloss and presence.

B) Surface printed with existing technology and without special pretreatment.

2) All-encompassing design

A) Ability to wrap around container with 360 degree graphics

B) Front or reverse surface printing brings out the best in colors and graphic design

3) Crystal Clarity

A) Water-like clarity showcases colors and graphics

4) High shrink rate

A) Flushes beautifully against complex contoured surfaces and tight fit remains over time.

B) Reaches maximum shrinkage potential more quickly than competitive products(up to 80% ultimate shrinkage)

C) Higher shrinkage reached at lower temperatures-great for heat sensitive products 

5) Halogen-free*

A) Unlike PVC, It is Halogen-free shrink film material.

6) Machine run ability

A) High tensile strength

B) Low coefficient of friction

7) Lower carbon foot print

A) Recycled with PET bottles

B) Halogen free unlike PVC


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