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PVC Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Sep 20, 2018

PVC Heat shrinkable Tube, the product according to the temperature is divided into 85 ℃, 105 ℃, 125 ℃ two series, specifications φ2-φ200, the product conforms to the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. For electrolytic capacitors, inductors, products with good temperature resistance, no secondary shrinkage, can be printed. For a variety of rechargeable battery monomer, combination packaging, and on behalf of the design, printing drawings, and can be cut. Used for a variety of curtain rods, shower curtain rod, hanging rod, mop rod, broom handle, tool rod, telescopic rod, garden tools, strut and other tubular items of the outsourcing. And can be used in low-voltage indoor busbar copper row, joints, wiring harness identification, insulation outsourcing cover. High efficiency, low equipment investment and low comprehensive cost. Used for lighting, LED pin coating, and guitar, packaging the bottle.

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