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Product introduction of PETG materials
Sep 20, 2018

Pet Resin is composed of two yuan alcohol (ethylene glycol, EG) and two acid (PTA, TPA) Polycondensation of linear poly-polyester, and copolymer polyester is modified with alcohol or acid polyester, with PETG, PCTG and Pcta and degradable copolymer polyester. PETG is a kind of non-crystalline copolyester. In its production process, because a certain number of ethylene glycol is replaced by 1,4-cyclohexane Dimethanol (CHDM), crystallization can be prevented, thereby improving manufacturing and transparency. Its products are highly transparent, excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable for forming thick-walled transparent products, its processing molding performance is excellent, in accordance with the designer's intention to carry out arbitrary shape design, may use the traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and blister molding methods, can be widely used in sheet, sheet, high-performance shrink film,

Bottles and profiles and other markets, at the same time, its two times excellent processing performance, can be used for conventional machining modification.