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PETG Material
Sep 20, 2018

PETG material is a transparent plastic, is a kind of amorphous co-polyester, PETG commonly used copolymerization monomer is cyclohexane dimethyl alcohol (CHDM), all known as polyethylene glycol ester of cyclohexane dimethyl ester. It is by the terephthalic acid (TPA), ethylene glycol (EG) and cyclohexane dimethyl alcohol (CHDM) three monomer by transesterification polymerization of the product, and pet more than the methyl cyclohexane dimethyl ether monomer, and the PCT than the ethylene glycol copolymer monomer, therefore, PETG performance and PET, The PCT is very different. With its uniqueness, currently only in the United States Eastman, Korea SK two companies more mature technology.